ROLE: To make recommendations to CPCA Committees on specific, time-sensitive policy issues.

  • Task Forces typically address time sensitive policy issues and may make informal recommendations to whichever Committee the Task Force reports up to.
  • Task Forces meet as determined by the Chair and staff; sometimes monthly or quarterly depending on the groups’ needs.

Managed Care Task Force (reports to Government Programs Committee)

Chair: Alex Cotté, Director of Managed Care Services, Arroyo Vista Family Health Center
CPCA Staff Lead: Laura Sheckler, Deputy Director of Policy & Regulatory Affairs
CPCA Support Staff: Marisa Melendez, Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Managed Care health plan contracts
  • Monitor concerns and changes in the Medi-Cal Managed Care environment and provide guidance on responding to developments
  • Monitor and respond to the state's Cal AIM implementation plan


Medicaid Managed Care: Lots Of Unanswered Questions (Part 1)
Medicaid Managed Care: Lots Of Unanswered Questions (Part 2)

Clinical Task Force (reports to Legislative/Regulatory Committee)

Chair: Dr. Joel Ramirez, CMO, Camarena Health
CPCA Staff Lead: Ekeoma "Ellie" Nwadibia, Senior Coordinator of Quality Improvement
CPCA Support Staff: Charlotte Labbe, Senior Administrative Coordinator
TYPICAL MEETING FREQUENCY/DURATION: Convenes virtually each month for one hour.

  • Share strategies, protocols, and promising practices across important clinically relevant areas, like clinical decision making, clinical operations, public health response, integrated care, quality outcomes, evolving statewide initiatives, and delivery reform
  • Advise on clinical matters in policy and program work important to health centers and CPCA
  • Develop clinical leadership through shared peer-to-peer learning and networking
  • Serve as liaisons to the CMA community clinic practice forum