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CPCA Events List

2/1/2023February 2023 Finance & Governance Committee Meetings3CB012523
2/2/2023February 2023 In-Person Board and Committee Meetings3CB020223
2/2/2023February 2023 Virtual Board and Committee Meetings3CB020223A
2/8/2023Q1 - Health Information Technology (HIT) Peer Network3PHT020823
2/15/2023DEMO: How to Prepare for the End of the PHE1WD021523
2/15/2023MONTHLY: PPS Payment Modernization WG3WPM021523
2/15/2023Q1 - Statewide Quality Improvement (SQI) Peer Network3PSQ021523
2/16/2023Providing Elective Abortions as an “Other Line of Business”1WF021623
2/22/2023Emergency Management Succession Planning Workshop1PH022223
2/27/2023Directed Payment Workgroup Townhall Discussions3WDP
2/28/20232023 EClinicalWorks (eCW) Users Group (Qtr 1)1PM030123
3/1/2023QualityImprovement+ Learning Lab2QI030123
3/2/20232023 Quality & Technology Conference2HIT2023
3/7/2023Illuminating Mild to Moderate Mental Health Coverage1WU030723
3/8/20232023 NextGen (NG) Users Group (Qtr 1)1PM030123A
3/8/2023Q1 - Social Determinants of Health Peer Network3PSD030823
3/9/2023Q1 - Behavioral Health Peer Network3PBH030923
3/15/2023Q1 - Outreach and Enrollment (OE) Peer Network3POE031520
3/23/2023QualityImprovement+ Cohort 44QI032323
4/26/20232023 Day at the Capitol2DAC2023
5/2/2023Q2 - Managed Care Task Force3TMC050223
5/31/20232023 Billing Managers Conference2BM2023
6/1/20232023 Financial Conference for CFOs and Billing Managers2CFO2023
6/8/2023Q2 - Behavioral Health Peer Network3PBH06082
6/25/20232023 Region IX Clinical Leadership and Excellence Conference2WCN2023
8/1/2023Q3 - Managed Care Task Force3TMC080123
9/14/2023Q3 - Behavioral Health Peer Network3PBH091423
11/9/2023Q4 - Managed Care Task Force3TMC110923
12/14/2023Q4 - Behavioral Health Peer Network3PBH121423
Effective 11/1/21: No refunds will be available for cancellations received on or after 10 business days before the start date of the event/training. To receive a maximum refund of 50% of the registration price prior to this deadline, all cancellations must be in writing and submitted by emailing training@cpca.org. Substitutions of registrations in lieu of cancellation is encouraged.
“No Shows” are non-refundable.

Effective Wednesday, December 1, 2021: the “Pay Later” option will no longer be available when registering for trainings or events that have a fee associated with them. Payment will be required at the time of registration via credit card. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please email us at training@cpca.org.