2020 Strategic Planning

CPCA's Strategic Planning process kicked off with a Board retreat in February 2020. The CPCA Board of Directors developed a strong and aligned start to a long-term vision and made plans to refine over the Spring. The Covid-19 pandemic then altered the timeline and gave way to a sharpened focus. In July we invited members to review the initial strategic planning and help shape next steps. Below is the outline for our planning process:

  • Town Hall: Kick-off and explore (July 15th)
  • Board Meeting - Review Input and Define Priorities (July 16th & 17th)
  • Senior Staff Retreat - Build on Thinking and Explore Feasibility (August 5th)
  • Listening Tour Session 1 - Exploring Themes and Priority 1 (August 11th)
  • Listening Tour Session 2 - Exploring Themes and Priority 2 (September 9th)
  • Listening Tour Session 3 - Refining Input Making Requests and Recommendations (September 24th)
  • Senior Staff Retreat - Synthesize Input and Recommendations (October 1st)
  • Board Meeting - Review Recommendations and Set Early Commitments (October 13th & 14th)
  • Annual Conference - Review Initial Plan and Provide Feedback
  • Staff Engagement—Turn Priorities Into Plans and Chart the Course to the Future
  • February Board Meeting—Review, Refine, and Ratify Final Plan

We look forward to your participation as we shape what the next 10 years looks like for the California Primary Care Association.

2020 Town Hall/Listening Sessions:

September 24, 2020 Strategic Planning Listening Session #3
Advocacy & Partnership with Michael Curry, Esq., Deputy CEO & General Counsel, Mass. League of CHCs 
Listen to Webinar Recording CLICK HERE  password: #Y+4GF9c
View Presentation Slides:  CLICK HERE

September 9, 2020 Strategic Planning Listening Session #2
Innovative Care Delivery and Workforce Implications with Somava Saha, MD
View Webinar passcode: ^7c%T*Wn View Slides

August 11, 2020 Strategic Planning Listening Session #1
Payment Modernization with Carlos Olivares, CEO, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic 
View Presentation slides
Link to webinar recording CLICK HERE  Password: qPbT4?=X

July 15, 2020 Strategic Planning Town Hall
Charting a Viable Future - View Presentation