What does the plus stand for in CaliforniaHealth+?

It’s all the ways we take care of every part of you and your family. With a network of health centers, each with a dedicated team of caregivers who know you and your health history, CaliforniaHealth+ centers offer primary and preventive health services, plus extra services such as prenatal care, health education, access to a nutritionist, and more. We are CaliforniaHealth+, and we’re the perfect place for everyone who wants or needs more from their health care.


Community Health Centers: Join the CaliforniaHealth+ Movement Today!

What does CPCA hope to accomplish with the CaliforniaHealth+ branding campaign?

As a result of this unprecedented branding and education campaign, we anticipate that more than 5 million newly eligible patients will be educated about the unique value of CHCs and will select a CHC in their community as a provider of choice. The ultimate impact for these patients and communities will include increased healthcare equity and increased access to comprehensive, cost-effective, and culturally-sensitive primary and preventive health services.

Why your clinic or health center should consider using the brand.

There are many benefits to using the CalifofrniaHealth+ brand, including:

  • Increased visibility through CPCA’s PR efforts (media outreach and social media) and paid advertising
  • Better leverage of your marketing resources making your dollars go farther
  • An increased connection to The California Endowment’s outreach and enrollment efforts, which feature CaliforniaHealth+ centers
  • An optimized position in the health center locator on CaliforniaHealthPlus.com
  • Access to collateral materials with a professional look and feel aimed at communicating the benefits of CHCs to patients

How much does the brand cost?

CPCA invested more than $ 500,000 in time and resources in developing the CaliforniaHealth+ brand. Because of this investment, CPCA is able to offer this brand to its members at no cost! Once members have signed onto the brand there will be some investment in terms of training staff, integrating logos, website redesign, etc., as the brand is implemented over time. How the brand is implemented is up to each health center and is based on the timetable that makes the most sense to them. 

How do I get started?

If your organization is a CPCA member in good standing, have your clinic or health center representative complete the online Rapid Recognition process:
(Must be logged-in)

Rapid Recognition is an easy, three-step process:

STEP 1. Listen to the learning modules and complete the quizzes. We estimate this process to take about 20-30 minutes.
STEP 2. Review the online license agreement and click “I agree” after reviewing.
STEP 3.  After completing Steps 1 & 2, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the CaliforniaHealth+ Resources page, where you will be able to download logo files, collateral materials, and other resources.

For more information about CaliforniaHealth+ please contact:

Kelly Cimino
Deputy Director of Marketing & Communications
(916) 440-8170
Health Insurance Resources

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